Atticus only loves Anya, who is Atticus’ mate, and also Autumn’s best friend.


She lives with her loving father evil stepmother and stepsister. He doesn’t know that he is the love of my life; of course, no one knows it, not even my best friend.

Everyone seems to be happy except me.


He tries to escape the wedding but eventually realizes that it is useless to do so. 1 from the story Unwanted Bride(Completed) by Shrutigajendra (SG) with 21,044 reads. She lives with her loving father and.

The book revolves around the life of Hayat Ali, a 25-year-old Muslim girl who faces cruelty and mistreatment from her stepmother and stepsister.

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. " Atticus takes a step toward his mother; his eyes flash with anger as he says, "the only.



. I knew he didn't want to marry me.

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To save them, Ava and Baxter must put aside their differences and enter into an arranged marriage.
Celebrity Girl Is My Wife.
Her parents never wanted her and called her a mistake.



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. Here, author Eaglewomam20 has focused on the main character of the novel The Billionaire's Unwanted Bride so that readers can better understand the male and female feelings in the content Chapter 100. . 0. . Come and enjoy! After being strangled to death, Lin Yaxi wakes up to find herself back to five years ago - just an hour before the car accident which would change her fate.

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The sad part was that all three of these men were brothers. .


He doesn't want a bride, but if it means consummating the marriage to help his brother find answers, then so be it.


Retaliation of an Unwanted Bride.

She lives with her loving father evil stepmother and stepsister.